Kimisis Tis Theotokou Church, Southhampton, NY PUBLISH DATE: September 1, 2013


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SEPTEMBER ALTAR CANDLES Offered by Katherine Halikias and Family in memory of Robert, beloved husband, father and grandfather.

SEPTEMBER ALTAR FLOWERS Offered by Katherine Halikias and Family in memory of Demetrios, beloved son, brother of John, husband of Pauline and father of Demetrios, Jocelyn and Philip.

ETERNAL BE THEIR MEMORY 32 Year Memorial for Constantin Athanasiu, 5 Year Memorial for Dan Marshall, 4 Year Memorial for Mara Tchernycheff offered in beloved memory by their families.
49 Year Memorial for Constantine Maroulas offered by Dan and Elaine Maroulas in memory of their beloved father.

CONGRATULATIONS AND GODíS BLESSINGS Congratulations for the Makkos Family
Baptism of Pavlos George and Alexia

TODAY Congratulations and God`s Blessings to our cherished sister-in-Christ Greta Nikiteas
who is today received in the Orthodox Church by the sacrament of Chrismation.

DATES TO REMEMBER September 8 Ė Church Family Day Ė Beginning of Sunday School
September 10 Ė Kali Parea

EPISTLE READERS Sept.1 - Jim Hatgistavrou
Sept. 8 - Roy Bradbrook
Sept. 15 - Toni Poulos
Sept. 22 - Tess Zaccaria
Sept. 29 - Mary Caloir

Become a Fan! Become a Fan!
In an effort to further promote the liturgical schedule, parish activities and events, our parish has established a page on Facebook. Anyone who currently has a Facebook account, and is interested in becoming more aware of the parish activities, should "become a fan" of our parish by visiting and do a search for HAMPTONS GREEK FESTIVAL and be come a fan of that page also.

YOUTH NEWS If you or your child are not receiving mailings about the parish youth activities or if you would like to learn more about the youth activities offered at the parish please speak with Fr. Constantine Lazarakis, cell number 646-483-5378 or Email

SPONSORING ALTAR FLOWERS AND CANDLES If you would like to sponsor Altar Flowers, Altar Candles or the Agape Hour please call the Church Office.

CAN YOU HELP US UPDATE OUR CHURCH RECORDS? We wish to update our communications and records for all our beloved parishioners.
For example, we donít have email addresses for everyone. Email addresses would help us so much in our ability to communicate quickly.
For those of you with email capabilities kindly email your contact information to: or fill out this updated information sheet and turn it back in to our church office.

CHOIR We are looking for faithful members to give their time, talent and voices to join our choir, under the leadership of Bea Parash, to give praise and honor in song to our Lord and Savior Jesus Christ. You do not have to have a perfect voice---All you need is a love for Christ and a desire to honor Him with all you heart, mind and voice. Please contact Fr. Constantine by calling 631-283-6169

HOSPITAL/NURSING-HOME/SHUT-IN MINISTRY To reach out and offer Godís healing to the ill, infirm, and aged, visitations are made by Fr. Constantine. When a relative, parishioner or friend is hospitalized or needs a pastoral visit, please inform Fr. Constantine and/or the Church office of the name and the hospital.

We have icons, religious items and books for adults and children at the bookstore. We also have books on the lives of saints, the sacraments, feast and holy days, children's bibles and more. If you are looking for something special please contact Debra Marino
e Info new # 907-2870.
Please note: The bookstore works on the honor policy so please put the money for your purchase in an envelope and place in the letter box outside the office. Thank you.

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