St. Gregory of Nyssa, El Cajon, CA PUBLISH DATE: July 15, 2012


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Coffee Hour Today Play Ball! Join us today for ice cream, popcorn and more fun and fellowship! Thank you to Honey, Catherine, Olympia and Linda C. for "coming to the plate" and bringing us refreshing ballpark goodies. Remember-your donations given at coffee hour help the Ladies to support our Church. Thank you!

July 16th thru 22nd *Father and Kids at Camp this week* (Father Ramon 619-715-8807)
TUESDAY-2PM We are God`s Artwork
SATURDAY-5PM Great Vespers w/ Church Council to follow
SUNDAY- 9/10AM Orthros/Divine Liturgy

July 23rd thru 29th * Vacation Church School Week* TUESDAY-2PM We are God's Artwork
THURSDAY-6:30PM Evening Liturgy for Sts. Anna, Paraskevi and Panteleimon
SATURDAY-5PM Great Vespers
SUNDAY- 9/10AM Orthros/Divine Liturgy

Epistle Readers English: Larry Anderson Greek: Pantelis Orologas

Please pray for all those below: Amanda Sacco(expectant mother), Joanie Wallace, Eleni Cook, Eric Thomas, Logan James, Chris and Mary Levas, Linda Manos,Joe and Betty Howie (Catherine's friends), Athina Cavelaris, Dr. Chris Matthews, Dimitrios Vasiliou, Eric and Cecelia Brown (friends of Kyriako) Tom Kurupas,Irene Cantos and family,Dale Mastny, Jim Gianulis, Nick Koucoumaris, the Saloufakos Family, Greg Yova, Cathy Jean Alexander, Alexandra Maniatis, Helen (Eleni) Maniatis and Judy, Dora Pagonis, The Women of Martha and Mary House, George Anastopoulos (Greg's Father), Maria Piliaris, Bessie Martinez, Kevin Galanos; Peter, For our seminarian: Joel Sullivan
For our church leaders: Patriarch Bartholomew, Archbishop Demetrios, Metropolitan Gerasimos, Father Simeon Corona and his family, Larry Anderson and the members of the Parish Council, Andrea Annis-Carrillo and Our Ladies of Saint Gregory of Nyssa, Soula Saloufakos and our Altar Guild,Peter Shenas and the members of our Building Committee, Chris Kotitsa and our Stewardship Committee, our Chanters & our Sunday School teachers. Mother Victoria the Mothers and Sisters of St. Barbara's, Mother Melania and the Sisters of Holy Assumption Monastery.
If you would like our community to pray for you or a loved one or have a name removed, please call the Church office 619-593-0707.

Ministry of Volunteers Thank you to everyone who volunteers to keep our Church clean and beautiful. We are all working together for the Glory of God. More helping hands are needed to join in this ministry.
-Altar Guild: Soula Saloufakos
-Bookstore Coordinators: Jan and Ed are running our Bookstore. Thank you both!
-Altar Boys please contact Soula Saloufakos
-Refreshments Coordinator: Isabel Garrett thank you!
-Thank you to our Greeters/Ushers for their increasingly needed assistance. Growth is great and it increases their Ministry.

God's Extended Hand News Canned chili is it!
During the month of July please bring canned chili to donate to help God`s Extended Hand feed our needy downtown. If possible bring larger can sizes instead of multiple small cans, but whatever size you donate is very appreciated.

Visit our Bookstore Wall While enjoying refreshments and fellowship after today's service, take a look at our Bookstore offerings as well.

Prosfora, Koliva and Artoclasia If you would like to prepare and bring the offering bread (prosforo), the memorial boiled wheat (koliva) or the sweet bread for the living (artoclasia) for a service, please contact the Church Office. If you would like someone to prepare it for you, you can contact either Anna Ioannides (619-440-0774), or Larry Anderson (prosforo only, 619-390-9091).

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