Holy Trinity Church, Egg Harbor Township, NJ PUBLISH DATE: April 17, 2011


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PARISH NEWS Pangari: Our Parish Council.

The Philoptochos Sisters look forward to welcoming everyone to a Palm Sunday lunch today that will be held in the Fellowship Hall. (Adult: $12 and children under 12: $5)

Bibles for our church: We are asking people to donate $30 for new bibles that will be placed in the pews of our church. The bibles can be dedicated in memory or in honor of someone. Please contact Ginny Kramvis in order to donate the bible.

Please visit www.gorarch.org to learn more about the upcoming Holy Week services.

Scheduling meetings and events: In order to avoid scheduling conflicts all parish ministries and organizations have to call the church office to schedule meetings and events.

If anyone is interested in donating $50 a week or $200 a month so that the Come Receive the Light program can stay on the air, please contact the church office or Demi Zalman.

CHURCH SERVICES Please see attached.

UPCOMING EVENTS April 17: Palm Sunday (Luncheon)
April 22: Holy Friday Retreat (see attached flyer and registration form)
April 24: Resurrection
May 14: Ocean City Block Party (NEW DATE)
May 14: Walk For Missions (see attached flyer)
May 22: Metropolitan Evangelos Ambassador Banquet - Invitaions were sent, please RSVP as soon as possible.
June 2-5: Greek Festival

PARISH COUNCIL VACANCIES The parish council has 2 vacancies that need to be filled. Please see Father George if you are interested.

SUNDAY SCHOOL ** Today is the deadline for all youth to sign up for the Holy Friday Retreat. Parents, please complete a registration form and give it to Athena Coste
** Save the dates for Vacation Church Camp! See the attached flyer.

PHILOPTOCHOS Welcome to the following new Members:
Lia Potiris, Maria Sprouse, Nikonia Weiner, Christine Pirone, Philomina Plesha, Athena Kramvis and Terry Dib
And returning Members:
Stella Fahey, Lydia Cipkins, Maria Fotiou, Faten Dib, Youla Mularz, Carol Kafkalas, Hariklia Lemoniotis, Popi Apalakis, Amalia Trupos, Toula Kafetzis, Ginny Kramvis, Presvitera Voula Liacopoulos, Lidia Nassar, Ginny Tiniakos, Margaret Adams, Claire Pappas, Anastasia Nicholaou, Margarita Doulis, Linda Havilland, Patti Hann, Annette Ladicos, Elaine Thanasoulis, Roula Michaelidis, Tessie Thanasoulis, Georgia Psilopoulos, Dorrie Papademetriou, Gena Mitoulis and Kelly Kyriakou.

CAMP GOOD SHEPHERD The dates for this years camp are:

JOY (3rd-6th grade) July 10 - 16

GOYA (7th-12th grade) July 17-23

GOYA (7th-12th grade) July 24-30

If anyone is interested in going please contact Father George as soon as possible.

BIBLE STUDY Bible Study will resume on Tuesday, May 10th at 7:00 pm.

FESTIVAL BAKING Festival baking will resume on Thursday, April 28th at 6:00 pm., in the commercial kitchen.

BLOCK PARTY This year’s Spring Block Party will take place in Ocean City on Saturday, May 14th. Once again, we are asking for everyone’s help and support.

PARISH WEB SITE Our new web site has now been activated. www.holytrinityegg.nj.goarch.org/
Please visit the site often for updated information.
Group leaders should submit their groups information to the church ofice asap so that all the tabs can be activated.
The weekly newsletter is still on the old site: h3goc.org

VIRIDIAN ENERGY Holy Trinity has a new fundraiser to share. We have partnered with Viridian Energy and we would like to get the word out to our families and friends that they can now help the church raise money while saving money on their energy bill!
Our website link is:
If you have any questions please contact the church office at 609-653-8092 x5 or see Lisa Mitoulis.

SHOPRITE GIFT CARDS The Philoptochos is selling Shoprite Gift Cards and would appreciate your support. For every $100.00 dollars we sell, we get $5.00. Cards are available in $50 increments. Demi Zalman (tel # 823-1454) is our chairperson and she will be at church on Sundays after the service with the cards for anyone to buy. Write your check to "Holy Trinity Philoptochos" or use cash. If you do not see Demi in church any Philoptochos sister will be able to help you find out who has the cards that day.
As the needs of our community are rising, the Philoptochos is hoping that this initiative will provide added funds to help meet our ever-growing charitable requests. Please consider buying these cards and help us raise money to help others

OCMC MISSION TEAMS THANK YOU to Sunday School Department, Minos Bakery, Mill Street Pub, Spiros Jewelers and Joe's Pizza for being a partner with us in the Agape Canister Program.

TRINITY LEARNING CENTER Our TLC is now enrolling children from 6 months! Please continue to publicize and promote our child care facility. Let your family, friends, and neighbors know to call Trinity Learning Center at 653-9001 to register their children. TLC is collecting General Mills Box Tops for Education and Campbell's Soup UPC codes off the labels and boxes. Drop off your books, box tops and labels in the narthex.

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