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January 12, 2013            SUNDAY AFTER THEOPHANY

TODAYS EVENTS: Community Vasilopita sponsored by Philoptochos 11am; Basketball Practice (Kids 12-3pm at St. Paul Academy; Adults 2:30-4:30pm at St. Mary Greek); Feed the Hungry at FOCUS 4:00PM; Greek Dance Practice 4:30pm.

Epistle Reader: Brandon Sherod Prosfora: Anonymous
Fellowship: Philoptochos Vasilopita Family

Monday 1-13 Parish Council Meeting 6:30PM
Catechism Class – Introduction to Orthodoxy 7:00PM
Thursday 1-16 AHEPA Meeting 7:00PM
Saturday 1-18 GREAT VESPERS 5:00PM
Oath of Office Service for Parish Council 11:30AM
75th Anniversary Committee Meeting 12:00PM
Basketball Practice for Children at St. Paul Academy Lower School 12:00PM
Basketball Practice for Adults at St. Mary Greek 2:30PM
Feed the Hungry at FOCUS 4:00PM
Greek Dance Practice 4:30PM

A Baby is Born: Maria Konstantina to Joanna Tzenis and Dean Natto on January 4th. Congrats to all including grandparents Mike & Connie Tzenis.

Vasilopita Celebration- today sponsored by Philoptochos. We will have our traditional cutting of the Vasilopita, cake/bread auction and additional offering. All proceeds benefit St. Basil’s Academy in New York.

Need Olive Oil: we are in need of more olive oil for the sanctuary lamps. Please consider donating some. Thank you!

Facebook Page- please notice new Facebook link on our parish website home page. This will take you to our parish Facebook page for the latest news and announcements. We encourage everyone to visit our Facebook page.

Think About It: As long as you have hands, stretch them out to heaven in prayer. St. Isaac the Syrian

Basketball Tourney Info: can be found posted on the bulletin board, parish website and The early registration discount has ended but you can still register at the regular price until Jan.24th. Sunday (Jan.5 to Feb.2) practices have begun. Boys, Girls, and JOY at St. Paul Academy Lower School 12-3pm and Adults at St. Mary Greek from 2:30pm to 4:30pm. For more info contact Fr. Rick or Dan Simon

Home Blessings- during this period following the celebration of Theophany it is traditional to bless our homes with the Holy Water. Fr. Rick is pleased to come and bless your home. Please call or email to make an appointment. Items needed for the blessing service: large serving bowl for water, sprig of basil or some other green twig (evergreen twig is acceptable), candle, icon and incense. A brief visit for blessing only (approximately 10-15 minutes) is appropriate.

Introduction to Orthodox Christianity- Cooperative Catechism classes begin tomorrow for the Winter/Spring semester- Mondays, 7-9pm, at St. George Church in St. Paul, for 12 weeks. Register online at

Sunday School: will not meet today. Classes will resume on January 19th.

The Church Fathers Speak: The signs accompanying grace are much joy, peace, love and truth. Such truth impels man to seek the truth. But the signs of sin are accompanied by turmoil, not joy and not love toward God.
St. Makarios the Great
Positions Open: the Youth Minister and Administrative Assistant positions are open to applicants. If interested please send a resume and cover letter to Fr. Rick. For more info you may also contact Fr. Rick.

Patristic Insights: Communion with God means that God has made His abode in us and that His energy is working in us. Our spirit puts on God and He governs all our feelings, our will, our mind. We are then like a tool in His hands. He moves our thoughts, desires and feelings and directs our words and the work of our hands.
Elder Thaddeus of Vitovnica

Department of Youth and Young Adult Ministries (Y2AM): recently began a weekly series of short, informative, entertaining, and spiritually beneficial videos. The series, “Be the Bee,” is named after a metaphor associated with Elder Paisios of Mount Athos (+1994), and explores ways we can all focus on what is good and beautiful in our everyday lives. “Our Department has been very successful at connecting with people and sharing the Faith through a variety of social media, and we realized that there wasn’t much of an Orthodox presence on YouTube,” said Fr Jason Roll, Director. “Our youth are already on YouTube, so why aren’t we? It’s a natural way to preach the Gospel and spread Christ’s unconditional love.” Access the channel by searching “Y2AM” on YouTube, or going to

The Ministry of Iconography: Session 1-"The Holy Face" at St. Mary`s Greek Thursdays 5:30 to 9:30pm on January 16, 23, 30 & February 6. Cost $135.00 plus materials. Session 2- “Christ in Majesty” at St. Mary`s Greek, Thursdays 6-9pm on February 20, 27, March 13, 20 & April 3 & 10. Cost $195.00 plus materials. Session 3- “Sacrament of Baptism & Icon of St. John the Baptist” at Catholic Basilica of Saint Mary in Mpls, 9am - 1pm on Saturdays during Great Lent; March 8 & 15 & April 5& 12; cost inc. materials $295. Register by sending a deposit of $75.00 to Icon Art Studios, 13921 127th Street North, Stillwater, MN, 55082. Questions e-mail at or my cell at 612-889-5868

Wisdom from the Church Fathers: God wants us to become like the angels. The angels only glorify God. This is their prayer, glorification of God and nothing else. The glorification of God is a very subtle matter, it eludes human criteria. We are very material and earth-bound, and for that reason we pray to God in a self-interested manner. We ask Him to order our affairs, to help our businesses do well to protect our health and to safeguard our children. But we prayer in a human way and with self-interest. Doxology is prayer without self-interest. The angels do not pray in order to receive something; they are selfless. God also gave to us the possibility for our prayer to be an un-ending doxology, an angelic prayer. This is where the great secret lies. When we enter into this prayer, we will glorify God continually, leaving everything to Him, just as our Church prays, ‘We commend our whole life to Christ our God.’ This is the ‘high mathematics’ of our religion. St. Porphyrios the Elder & Kapsokalyvite

Christmas Card Corrections: please note that the following names should have been included- Kara Lake and Stella Lake; the following names should have been omitted from the card- Peter & Catherine Georgantones, James, Michael & John Dascalos, Tom Loumos, Jack & Tim Donovan, Angeliki & John Sageotis. We apologize for the errors and we thank everyone who participated in the card this year!

Christmas Flowers Memorial Corrections: please note the newly corrected/updated sheet. Thanks to all who supported and participated in the project this year. You helped to beautify our sanctuary during the Nativity season and your departed loved ones were remembered. May their memories be eternal!

St. George Greek Orthodox Church
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Phone: (651) 222-6220
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Proistamenos: Rev. Fr. Richard Demetrius Andrews

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